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Orange-Mate Mist, Lime-Mate Mist, Lemon-Mate Mist, Grapefruit-Mate Mist, and Cinnamon-Mate Mist are manufactured from high concentrations of natural citrus peel oils. Citrus oils and aromas are generally the major by-products of citrus processing and are used in a variety of marketed products.


There are approximately eight types of oils and aromas commonly manufactured from citrus. Their characteristics, standards and uses vary among the types and grades. The citrus oils used in Citrus-Mate products are of the highest quality available. We select high quality citrus for one reason: to provide the consumer a high quality and dependable product.


Citrus-Mate products work at eliminating odors because they contain the unique physical properties of essential oils. The recovery of these is a complex issue and need not be explained except to say that these oils are distilled and highly concentrated.


The concentration of Orange-Mate Mist averages ten oranges per ounce of product. Thus a 7oz. container holds the concentration and eliminating powers of seventy oranges. The essential oils in Orange-Mate Mist products possess the ability to attack and absorb odors. This ability is carried out in several steps:


1. When the product is released into the atmosphere in a gas form such as depressing the actuator on the container, citrus ions (active electrical charges) are released. These ions are attracted to other suspended particles, i.e. odors.


2. Citrus ions are very active electrically and search for bonding with another ion to form a compound. In essence the citrus ions search out and attack odor.


3. Once the compound is formed, the citrus in the compound absorbs the odor due to a process called oxidation. Oxidation in citrus occurs very rapidly when exposed to the atmosphere. It is very important not to release the product until desired because oxidation results into decomposition and spoils. 



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